Deseeding a pomegranate can be intimidating. That thick skin, the vibrant red juice that can stain everything and the abundance of delicious tiny seeds needing to find a way out. Here are 3 ways to deseed a pomegranate.

Pomegranate seeds in white bowl

Deseeding a pomegranate can be intimidating. That thick skin, juice that can stain everything and the abundance of delicious tiny seeds (arils) needing to find a way out. Thankfully there’s Google to help out. I found three ways to deseed a pomegranate and instead of trying to decide which was the best option, I tried them all.

Method 1 – Slice the Pomegranate

A good one for stress relief as it requires some vigorous smacking. The skin is quite thick so go to town, expend some energy and smack away!

  1. Slice the pomegranate in half.
    Half of a pomegranate on a stainless steel table with a wooden spoon
  2. Turn one half, seeds side down, in your hand over a bowl and with a spoon smack the top (uncut side) of the pomegranate to dislodge the seeds. You can’t be gentle here, it requires a number of good hard smacks and a little squeezing of the pomegranate to get all the seeds out. Just keep smacking until you feel the tension in your body start to slip away and an abundance of seeds in the bowl.
  3. Once all of the seeds are out repeat with the second half.

This method can get messy. With each smack of the pomegranate juice is released along with the seeds and if you are not careful the juice can get everywhere.

Method 2 – Peel & Quarter

This method requires some dexterity and focus.

  1. Score the top of the pomegranate, cutting all the way through the thick skin, but not into the seeds and flesh underneath.
    A pomegranate with the top scored. Two whole pomegranates in the background.
  2. Pull the top off to expose the arils and pith (white membrane) underneath.
    A pomegranate on a metal sheet pan with the top quarter removed showing the seeds inside.
  3. Following the lines of the pith, score the skin into sections without cutting through the seeds and flesh.
  4. Using your hands, gently pull the sections apart to expose the sections of seeds.
    A quartered pomegranate on a metal sheet tray. A whole pomegranate sits in the background.
  5. Gently nudge the arils away from the skin and pith.

Method 3 – Underwater

This isn’t my favourite method, but doesn’t require much focus and is quite soothing. A great end to my pomegranate deseeding experiment.

  1. Cut the pomegranate in half (same as in Method 1).
  2. Submerge one half, seeds side up, in a bowl of water.
  3. Using your hands, carefully break the pomegranate apart letting the seeds out. You may need to use your fingers to push some of the seeds away from the pith.
  4. Repeat with the second half.
  5. The seeds will sink to the bottom while the pith and skin will float to the top, making it easy to separate.
Pomegranate seeds in a bowl of water

And there you have it. My one big task of the day left me with a beautiful pile of pomegranate seeds. A vitamin C and antioxidant rich snack.

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