Wanderfest 2019 - 1 Feb 2019

Join me at Wanderfest 2019 to learn more about mindfulness while travelling.

We all lead busy lives and often can get caught up in capturing great content for social media or our websites, especially when travelling. In this session we’ll discuss staying in the moment, focusing on the here & now and enjoying our experiences. Deeper connections makes for great content!

We’ll cover: exercises to reduce stress, mindful eating (this is great for those who are not comfortable dining alone) and the art of doing nothing – because we don’t have to be busy all the time.

Wanderfest is an opportunity for inspired women from around the world to gather together, share stories, and build community in the spirit of adventure, sisterhood, and travel.

February 1 – 4, 2019
Casa de Luz in Austin, Texas

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Wanderfest 2019, Mindfulness while travelling

During our first week together as a team we were privileged to have Hema join us and run a workshop. Perfectly tailored to our minimally equipped kitchen, she taught us all about fermentation, it’s numerous health benefits and how to ferment food in a simple and delicious way. I was so excited that she was the first person to get our picky eaters to try (and enjoy!) homemade sauerkraut and pickles. Her true passion for and knowledge of nutrition shows in everything she does. Thank you again and we look forward to you returning to summerlunch+!
–¬†Olivia, summerlunch+